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workshops For Parents

Most Christian parents are worried about their children keeping the faith. They dutifully send their little ones to Sunday school, VBS, and camp but would like a simple approach at home to encourage family spiritual formation. Sharing personal stories, I’ve applied lessons from the historical church.

In God’s Heart with the Psalms

If you’re like me, you need a simple, quick approach to devotions with your children. Learn how engaging the Psalms with your children gives them wisdom and a Christian imagination and encourages them to speak to God about their emotions. Our world today can feel like a confusing and scary place, but we can find solace with two millenniums of the church in praying the prayers Jesus prayed. (Audio available on request for your committee's preview.)

In God’s Story with Scripture Narratives

Following the church year, you and your kids can enter into simple Bible readings and traditional prayers that bring you through the ongoing story of Scripture.

Creating Your Own Everyday Prayers

Do you long for a spiritual rhythm in your life but with small children are frustrated at what seems an impossible goal? In the 1800s, a researcher gathered the songs and everyday prayers of the rural people of Western Scotland. These farmers and fishermen had delightful little prayers they spoke or sang as they set their hands to daily tasks. Learn how to create your own to say with your children, providing meaning to what seems mundane, fostering a relationship with the Trinity, and modeling a habit of dependence on God for your children.


“Freed Imagination: Ethics and the Artist” (based on works of Oliver O' Donovan) at the Your Imagination Redeemed Conference, put on by the ministry the Anselm Society, in Colorado Springs on April 1, 2017.

"Capturing Your Child's Heart with the Psalms" workshop at Set Apart at University of Northwestern-Saint Paul, March 9 and 10, 2018.

video of Chapel message at UNW


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